4×4 Lace Closure And 5×5 Lace Closure

Lace closure wigs are the wigs made by lace closure and hair bundles. Both are made of lace and 100% human hair. No matter it looks or feels is very smooth and natural and like your own hair. The lace space is in the middle, like 4*4, 5*5 lace closure wigs, they have different parting space in width and depth.

Both the 4×4 lace closure and the 5×5 lace closure need to be used with hair bundles. It can provide customers with beautiful and natural hairlines, and complete fashionable hairstyles with various clothing and accessories, so they are deeply loved by customers.

Although there are many similarities between the two wigs, there are some subtle differences.

1. The lace part is different

The lace size is the biggest difference between 4×4 lace closure and 5×5 lace closure. The length and width of the 5×5 lace closure are one inch longer than that of the 4×4 lace closure. Therefore, it covers a larger area and range, and there are more hair styling parts.

2. Different prices

Although in terms of workmanship and appearance, there is not much difference between the two. However, the different lace part determines the price difference between the two wigs, the price of 5×5 lace closure is more expensive.

3. Different comfort

The comfort between them is different due to the different size of the lace area. the lace area of 5×5 lace closure is larger, so the range of air permeability will be larger, which leads to the comfort of wearing 5×5 lace closure than 4× 4 lace closure higher. 

Both 4×4 lace closure and 5×5 lace closure play an important role in hair styles, either one is your best choice. When choosing, if you pursue better comfort and more hairstyle options, then it is recommended that you choose 5×5 lace closure, if you don’t mind this and want a low budget, then 4×4 lace closure is good.