5 Factors that Decide the Price of a Wig

Price has become one of the most important considerations for customers in shopping a human hair wig, and the quality and inexpensive wigs are favored by most of people. What factors determine price of a human hair wig? There are 5 key factors.

  1. Human Hair Wig or Synthetic Wig

As the names suggest, human hair wigs are made of 100% human hair. Synthetic wigs are made of chemical fiber. Not only the raw material of a human hair wig is more expensive, but also the production process is more complex, therefore, the price of a human hair wig is more expensive than a synthetic wig.

  1. Lace Size

There are many different human hair wigs in Lovmuse Hair, including lace closure wigs, lace frontal wigs, headband wigs, V part wigs, etc. Lace wigs normally are more expensive, all the lace are high-quality transparent lace. While, The lace area is the main factor that decides the price of a human hair wig. The more lace areas a lace wig has, the price of a human hair wig will be more expensive.  

  1. Hair Length

If you want to get a long hair wig, it means we need to find long hair bundles to make it. The longer of the hair length, the price of the hair materials will be more expensive.

  1. Hair Density

Hair density means the thickness of a human hair wig. The more lines of hair bundles, the thicker a human hair wig is. Also, the thicker a human hair wig is, the price will be more expensive.

  1. Hair Color

There are different hair colors in Lovmuse Hair to meet different customer's meets, natural black, 99J, 613 blonde, highlight, etc, compared with the natural hair, colored hair usually be processed more chemical treatment, so colored hair wigs cost more.

Where to Buy a Satisfied Wig?

Lovmuse Hair provides various high quality human hair products. We have been improving our capacity of meeting customer requirements constantly. If you are looking for an affordable quality human hair wig, Lovmuse Hair is a good choice.