Body Wave Wigs VS Water Wave Wigs

There are many types of wigs on the market, lace front wigs, headband wigs, closure wigs, and half wigs. According to the texture, it can be divided into straight hair, body wave wig, water wave wig, deep wave wig, and so on. Among them, body wave wigs and water wave wigs are confusing because of some similarities.

Body Wave Wigs

A natural wig with loose wavy shapes. The "S" wavy design gives it natural and elegant characteristics, which can maintain the texture of the hair for a long time. Due to its natural and generous appearance and styling, the body wave wig can be worn at any party and occasion.

Water Wave Wigs

Just like its name, it looks like water ripples have a natural vibrancy and look great! With many different styles and types, you can easily find your favorite. Whether it is a water wave headband wig, lace front wigs with baby hair water wig, or a water wave lace closure bob wig, they all have their own characteristics, and it is good to choose which one.

The difference between body wave and water wave

The appearance looks different

The body wave wig has a large wave shape, the amplitude is not so dense, and it looks relatively flat and neat. The texture of the water wave wigs like a layer of water pattern, with more fine curls.

The Hair volume looks different

Due to the different depth and density of the curl, there are some obvious differences in volume between the two. The water wave wig has more dense curls, looks lighter and fluffy, which makes it have more volume, so it shows more hair volume visually than body waves.

If you want a big wave hairstyle, then you choose a body wave wig. If you want to make your wig more curly and want more hair volume, then choose a water wave wig. it depends on personal style and hobbies.