Buy One Get One Free" for the Coming Summer

The hot summer is coming, aren't you excited? It is time to get the new hair! A suitable hairstyle can complete your look and you will have the beautiful and elegant look you are yearning for. A good hairstyle is crucial because when people meet you the first time, they tend to focus more on your face and hair, so it is very important to look for a flattering hairstyle that complements your facial features.

Lovemuse Hair has launched an event "Buy One Get One Free" for this coming summer which will bring you the unexpected surprise!

Body wave wigs and Bob wigs mainly included in this Event. These are also two kinds of most popular human hair wigs in Lovemuse Hair.

Lovemuse Hair Body Wave Wigs

Body wave wig is a natural hair texture with loose wavy shapes, it is closest to the texture of natural human hair. The consistent "S" shaped wavy is natural and elegant, can be worn at any party or occasion.

Lovemuse Hair Bob Wigs

The length of Bob wigs is only reach to the shoulders, which is shorter than other wigs, so it looks more refreshing and neat, especially in summer, a Bob wig is a nice choice for its cool and refreshing.

The Combination for the "Buy One Get One Free"

1. Free T Part Bob 10’’ for the Purchase of 360 Lace Body Wave 18’’

2. Free T Part Bob 8’’ for the Purchase of 4x4 Lace Body Wave 26’’

3. Free T Part Bob 10’’ for the Purchase of 5X5 Lace Body Wave 22’’

4. Free T Part Bob 10’’ for the Purchase of 13x4 Lace Body Wave 20’’