Change Your Hair Color And Look New!

When we often face hair of the same color, we will feel aesthetic fatigue. One of the simplest ways to change the color of hair is to dye your hair, just a change of hair color can make us look new. So how to dye your wig by yourself?

1. Preparation Before Hair Dyeing

1) Choose a suitable place for hair dyeing.

The first thing to do is to choose a suitable place for hair dyeing. Be sure to choose an airy place for hair dyeing so that you won't be surrounded by the smell of dye volatilization. Hair dyeing is a messy process, so don't put valuables in the scope of work. Place a table in the chosen place and spread it with newspapers or unwanted old tablecloths. Put the wig on the wig holder and then put it on the table.

2) Prepare dyeing tools

Put on old clothes and latex gloves. Dyes may drip onto clothes, so you'd better wear a set of old clothes that are not afraid of dirt. Wear latex gloves before contacting dyes, so as to keep hands clean and reduce dirt.

3) Make sure there is no grease or other hair products on the wig before dyeing, These substances will affect the dyeing effect.

2. During Hair Dyeing

1) Dye the hair in different areas

Spray part of the hair wet, and use your fingers to fiddle and knead it. The wig will naturally be divided into several parts. Start dyeing from the top layer of hair, pick up the watering can and spray it 3 to 5 times at an area with a width of 5 to 8 cm. Stretch your fingers into the root of the hair, grasp the hair, knead it left and right, and stroke it down. Repeat this operation for 2 to 3 times, so that the dye can wet each hair.

2) Color the remaining hair in the same way.

Spray more dye on the hair near the hair root and on the top of the head. Finally lift the hair on the top surface and dye the bottom hair in different areas around the head.

3) Comb your hair with a wide tooth comb.

When each part of the hair is sprayed with dye and brushed away as much as possible with your fingers, the color of the hair may still be different. In order to distribute the dye evenly, you can use a wide tooth comb from the top of the head, from the root to the tip.

3. After Hair Dyeing

1) Hang your wig out to dry.

After dyeing, put the wig outdoors in a sunny place and dry it completely. This process usually takes an hour, but some long and thick wigs take longer to dry. If you're not sure whether the wig is dry, try putting your fingers into the wig. If your hands are stained with dye, it means you have to dry it for a while.

2) Rinse the wig until the water flowing through the wig becomes clear.

If the wig is dry, put it in the sink and turn on the tap to wash it. When the water washed through the wig becomes completely clear and there is no dye, you can turn off the tap.

3) Take care of your wig

Spray the wig conditioner on the hair, comb the wig smoothly with a wide tooth comb, and finally dry the wig with the cold air mode of an electric hair dryer. If you don't want to blow your hair, but want to use other high-temperature styling tools, such as straight perm and curling stick, remember to set the temperature to the lowest.