Curly Hair Or Straight Hair?

People who love beauty are always changeable. When you have straight hair, you always want to change it into curly hair, because you think that curly hair is more lively and fashionable, but once you have curly hair, you always miss your straight hair again, because you think that straight hair is more convenient and easier to take care of.

1.The Introduction Of Curly Hair

Although there are many attractive wavy hairstyles in the wig market, curly hair is special and unique. This is one of the most hot-selling hair textures that all customers love, especially African American women. By appearances, the curls of curly hair are tighter and irregular that can make the curly hair wigs appear fluffy and soft. Curled hair is helpful to improve the richness of the hair wigs, and make the inelastic hair lively. Curly hair is very fashionable and glamorous, In this way, people can get a more active look after wearing it.

2.The Introduction Of Straight Hair

Different from all wavy hairstyles, straight hair is a hairstyle without any ups and downs. Classic straight hair also has its own peculiar enchantment. Straight hair can present silky and flying charms. When people don't know which hairstyle is perfect, then you can choose classic straight hair. Classic never goes wrong. For girls with straight hair, their fingers run through it easily.

3.How To Choose?

We can give you advice from two aspects:

1) From the hair style:

A thick crop of curly hair can offer people a younger and more lively wig look. If you don't like the hair that is almost attached to the skull, so the curly hair is your best choice.

If you like the classic style, then you can choose classic straight hair, classic never goes wrong.

2) From the hair care:

If you usually have a lot of time to spend on hair care, you can choose the curly hair, because curly hair need more hair care. You cannot comb it often, combing can easily change the curly hairstyle and loosen your curls. And the most important, curly hair is always easy to knot, it need your more patience to take care of.

If you're busy and you are a lazy girl or hair beginner you can definitely choose the straight hair! Straight hair is more convenient  and easier to maintain in daily life than curly hair.  

So, have you decided which hairstyle to choose now?