DO Lace Front Wigs Need to be Taken Off Every Day?

Wearing lace front wigs is a great way to change our hairstyles easily. Do you take your lace wig off every night? In fact, taking off the lace wig before going to bed is good for both the wig and our natural hair. However, due to various reasons, we generally choose to wear it for a few days before taking it off. So, Do lace wigs need to be taken off every day?

Can Lace Wigs be Taken Off Every Day?

YES! Of course, you can take it off every day. Actually, taking off your wig before sleep not only is a good way to prolong the lifespan of your wig but also will make your natural hair and scalp get enough time to breathe and relax,it is good for both your wig and natural hair.

The Pros and Cons of Taking Your Wig Every Night


  1. Prolong the Lifespan of Hair

If we wear a wig to sleep at night, our hair will inevitably wear out. Because our hair will rub against the pillow, causing the hair to get knotted, which will reduce the lifespan of the wig.

  1. Keep the Hair Breathable

And taking off the wig before going to bed every day can leave enough time for our hair and scalp to relax and breathe, which will reduce the burden and damage caused by the wig.

  1. Give You a Better Sleep

When we take off the wig, we will feel more free and comfortable when we sleep. You no longer need to worry about the friction of the wig, and avoid the itching of the scalp caused by the wig.


  1. Spend Much Time

If we take off the wig every day, we will have to spend time putting it on again the next morning. Anyone who has worn a wig knows that this is not a simple process, especially the lace wigs.

  1. Cause Damage to the Lace

Because the lace of the hairline is stuck with glue, if we need to remove the wig every day, it may cause the front lace to break.

If you want to take off your wig every night, but do not want apply glue every day, then you can choose glueless wigs, which don’t need to use any glue, such as u-part wigs, v-part wigs, and headband wigs. They are very convenient to install and take off. You can take off them every night to protect your natural hair. Here are some glueless wigs Recommended by Lovmuse Hair.