Does Wearing A Wig Cause Hair Loss?

Nowadays, wigs are becoming more and more common and fashionable. Many women in the world enjoy the convenient and more styling changes brought by wigs. But some people are worried that wearing wigs cause hair loss. Is it true?

I can tell you that this is simply not true! Wearing human hair lace wigs can protect your natural hair, It avoids damage that is exposed to sunlight and dust, breakage when styling your hair. When using good human wigs and using them properly, this is not an issue you’ll face. Here are some tips for you while wearing wigs:

1.Take Good Care of Your Own Natural Hair

It is much important to take good care of your natural hair. Those who ignore the protect for natural hair is unhealthy.

Please be sure to use good shampoos when you clean your hair in daily life, it is the most important step to remove dirt, sweat, and bacteria from the hair and scalp.

Moisturizing is very necessary to let the hair get away from dry.

After you use the wig for a long time, don't forget to let your natural hair have a break, and don't sleep with your wig on.

2.Choose A Suitable Wig Cap Size

Choosing the right size of the wig cap is very important, If the wig you wear is small, it could be too tight on your scalp and tug on your hair, it will not feel comfortable and is also not good for your natural hair. Before you buy hairs, please follow the correct cap measuring guide to measure your head and get the suitable wig size.

3.Correct Use And Removal of Glue

When installing lace wigs, glue is widely used in lace parts, especially for frontal wigs. It can keep the wig secure and not move, also helps the lace melt to your skin. When you use it, I would recommend not applying the glue directly to the edges but in front of the edges, it is helpful to protect your hairline. And when you remove the wig glue, be sure to use plenty of wig glue remover or water. If not, this can cause stress to your hair follicles and prevent the hair from growing back.

So in order to protect our natural hair better, we should pay more attention on the wearing and maintenance of wigs in our daily life.