Food Habits That May Affect Hair Health

Can something you love the most be something your hair hates the most?

Yummy food is one thing that everyone loves, food is always rich in nutrients but still there are a lot of things that affect our hair health directly and make us suffer thinning, hair loss and hair breakage.

Let's see what food is making us suffer the stress of hair loss.


Sugary food does ruin your hair health, the croissant or the donuts you love eating as your breakfast or your midnight snack can be one of the reasons your hairs are thinning or breaking. High intake of sugar spikes the sugar level in your blood and affects your hair follicles which results in hair loss.

But don’t worry because we have also come up with the substitute of sugar that you definitely can take. Substitutes like Dates, Honey, jaggery, fresh fruits, coconut and figs are something you can definitely take but obviously in a fair amount because excessive of anything is bad.


It may not be directly associated with your hair health but it does affect your hair health indirectly. Consuming a lot of alcohol leads to nutritional deficiency that turns out to be one of the reasons for hair thinning, hair loss or baldness.

The nutrients lost due to alcohol are iron, zinc, copper and protein.

Fried food

Fried food is not as innocent as it may seem. It’s true that oil is good for our hair health but not when it comes in excess. Consuming a lot of oil and fats results in greasing of your hairs which clogs the pores on your scalp and reduces the growth of your hair follicles. This results in thinning of your hair and increases the speed of your hair loss but as I said earlier excess of anything is bad so if you love your fried food it’s probably better that you keep a check on your consumption amount.


Salt build-up deposits around your hair follicles which affect your hair growth and turns your hair dry. Salt is also rich in sodium which makes your hair dehydrate and lack moisture. It also makes one urinate a lot which exert potassium from our body and potassium is one of the most important nutrients for our hair growth and health. I know there is no exact substitute for salt but we can always control the amount of salt we intake everyday, we can ignore the food that has a high amount of salt in it and can replace it with healthy food that is actually good for our hair.

Considering all the facts we may not be able to ignore all the food commodities that are mentioned here but we can always try to decrease the amount of intake everyday.