Hot Selling Lace Part Wigs Recommended by Lovmuse Hair

What is a Lace Part Wig?

The lace part wigs are created by sewing part of the lace and the wig cap together, and then sewing 100% human hair on the wig cap with artificial craftsmanship. The T-part lace wig has a 13-inch lace from ear to ear, and a 6-inch deep in the middle of the parting space Lace, which makes the lace looks like a "T" shape, so you can also call it a T part wig.

The Advantages of Lace Part Wigs

  1. Lovmuse adopts advanced floating button technology and high-quality lace to make the lace look more natural, breathable and soft. It has a longer use time. We can make sure that the virgin hair in Lovmuse stays in frizzy pristine condition and it is never treated with harsh chemicals, heat or color additives.
  2. Lace part wigs come in a variety of shapes and textures like body wave, curly wave, straight, deep wave lace part wigs, there is always one fit you.
  3. The different hair parting can be designed according to your preferences, the middle part, left part, and the right part. You can style your hair into low ponytails, high ponytails, and updos, which is very convenient. You can wear a lace part wig to any occasion.
  4. The T-part lace wig has a 13-inch lace from ear to ear, which can cover your whole forehead, so it can have the realistic hairline like a lace frontal wig, but the price is more affordable.

Hot Selling Lace Part Wigs: