How to Curl the Straight Hair to Get Different Hair Textures?

Straight hair is a classic hairstyle, it is also easy to maintain. Most women will choose straight hair wig. But wearing the same hairstyle for a long time is kind of boring. Well, it is a good way to change your hairstyle by curl the straight hair into wavy hair.

How to Curl Human Hair Wigs?

  1. Hair Rollers

It is a practical and economical way to curl hair wigs.

Set the hair curlers on a lower heat setting. Excessive temperatures can damage the hair wig.

Preheat the hair curlers for a few minutes.

When the curlers are heating, start to wrap the hair weave, curl the hair extensions of a wig.

Curl the hair to the iron for a while until it creates a curl. Curl each section one by one in this way.

Different sizes of hair rollers can make different curls. Smaller hair rollers can make tighter, smaller hair curls. On the contrary, bigger hair rollers can make looser, bigger hair curls.

  1. Make Hair Braided

Before curling the hair wig, get it wet or wash it first.

Next, start to braid the hair.

After plaiting, put the hair wig on a wig stand and dry it overnight.

Comb out the braids and get the beautiful curls in the next morning.

Curling Human Hair Wigs to Get Different Hair Textures

Body Wave Hair

The curls of body wave hair is bigger, looser than other wavy hair. This is a hair texture that is the most similar to natural hair.

Deep Wave Hair and Loose Deep Wave Hair

Deep wave hair and loose deep wave hair both are ladder-shaped, ups and downs in the same direction. They are more regular than other irregular hair textures. The main difference between these two hairstyles is that the curls of loose deep wave hair are looser than deep wave hair.

Loose Wave Hair

Loose wave hair is characterized by the feature of the “S” shape. This special “S” shape makes it looks individual and attractive.

Curly Hair

Curly hair is welcomed by most customers, curly hair has smaller, tighter, and irregular curls that can make the hair fluffy and soft.

Water Wave Hair

The name of water wave hair is from its look. Because water wave hair is full of ups and downs, like water ripples.