How To Cut Curtain Bangs On Curly Hair?

Generally, girls are more accustomed to have the simplest middle parting or side parting hairstyles. But if you want to be different and make some changes to your hairstyles, a certain bang is definitely one of the easiest ways.

What is a Curtain Bang?

Curtain bangs are a type of bangs that frame the face on both sides. Such bangs are cut shorter on the inside and become gradually longer outside. Curtain bangs fall to about your cheekbones and taper out in length while opening to a middle part, making them easy to grow out layers or to pull back when you prefer.

If you are not very satisfied with your forehead, curtain bangs can hide your forehead perfectly and show your beautiful cheekbones, and always highlight your features if cut in a right way. In a word, Curtain bangs suit all face shapes!

The Tools You Will Need:

Hair shears, clips or elastics, rat-tail comb for parting

Before Cutting Curtain Bangs

Make sure your curly hair is 100% dry before styling hair with curtain bangs. you can see how they naturally lay on your head and determine where they should be cut. Because we know that wet curls will always look longer than dry curls.

How To Cut Curtain Bangs On Curly Hair

  1. Create a triangle part to help you make sure the part for the curtain bangs. You can run your fingers up the sides of the outer corners of your eyes to take a section of hair for the base of the triangle.
  2. Then find the point where your head begins to tilt forward to your forehead, and use this point as the highest point of the triangle. The farther this point is from your forehead, the thicker your bangs will be.
  3. Part the hair of the triangle area down the middle, so that they fall evenly on the sides of the nose. Start by taking a curl from the middle of the forehead, determine the length you want, and trim off the excess, then trim the sides afterward (remember to leave it a little longer so you don't cut it too short to remedy).
  4. Repeat with the curls on either side, adding a little more length as you go, and keep checking to compare each side of the face and make sure the bangs are evenly tapered on both sides and the middle and the lengths of outermost hair on each side are equal.