How To Deal With Tangles of A Wig?

It's great for people to wear a nice wig and feel refreshed, but wigs can get tangled up easily. Tangles can negatively affect our overall appearance and mood, so it's important to prevent them. So how can we prevent tangles in our daily lives?

1.Wash Your Wig

Washing your wig is not only great for tangling, but also helps to restore the vitality of wigs, so they last even longer. Generally, you can wash wigs every 10-15 days. before putting any product into their hair, make sure there's no residue left of previous shampoos or conditioners because this will cause tangling during drying time!

2.Use Conditioner

Conditioners are special products that are used to keep the hair healthy and manageable. They can help to untangle the wig, make it smooth and silky, making it easier to style and groom. It is recommended to use a quality conditioner that suits your wig texture and make sure you rinse it thoroughly.

3.Properly Dry The Wig

One of the biggest hassles about wearing a wig, especially if it's wavy or curly, is that they take hours and hours to dry on their own. so blow-drying becomes a necessary part of our daily routine! After you've finished washing your wig with shampoo and conditioner, be gentle when carefully removing excess moisture from this real asset. Don't use towels, instead, wrap them around each end for maximum absorption capacity, then squeeze out all those pesky drops as best you can so it won't mold into frizzy mats due to their wetter fabric qualities alone!

4.Carefully Brush The Wig

Brushing up the wig requires a bit of care and time, but a premium quality brush can ease the process. A variety of brushes are available, but it is recommended to choose the wide-tooth brush that disperses the pressure evenly and prevents knots. However, if you come across any tangle of knots, carefully detangle them using fingertips. Brush your wig twice or thrice a day to enjoy the natural bounce.