How to Get a 5x5 Lace Wig at an Affordable Price?

What is a 5x5 Lace Wig?

5x5 lace wigs also known as 5x5 Lace closure wigs, it is a kind of lace front wig. A 5x5 lace wig is made with 5x5 lace closure and hair bundles. The lace size on the top of the head is 5x5 inches. There are hairpins on both sides and the back of the wig cap to secure the wig easily. The elastic band is for us to adjust the size of our heads.

The wig comes with a 5x5 Lace closure, you can freely divide your hair seams, you can have a natural hairline and a comfortable experience.

5x5 lace closure wig is a Hand-tied Middle parting wig, It has good air permeability as full lace wigs but also has a relatively price lower than full lace wigs.

How To Install a 5x5 Lace Closure Wig?

First, cornrow your hair braiding the top/middle section back for the placement of the lace closure. Lay down your lace closure as flat as possible to create a natural look.

Then, place the lace closure on top of the head so you may pre-determine where you want to weft the closure piece.  

After that, It Is time for you to start cutting the extra lace around the base of the closure. It is advised to leave half an inch of lace around the sides and the back of the extension. In addition, you can also adjust by putting the lace closure over your braids until it lines up with the hairline.

Next, take a few strands of hair from the closure, And using a razor, trim the strands to create baby hair. Then, using hair gel to lay down the baby hair so that it blends with your own. this will make the lace closure look even more natural.

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