How To Get A Headband Wig For Free?

During the tax return season in this year, from now to March 31th, Lovmuse has Launched the sale "buy one get one free",  which means that you may get one headband wig for FREE if you buy a 13*4 lace frontal wigs!

The novel combination of headband and wig has been sought after by people as soon as it is launched. There are many different combinations of headband and wig to meet people's different requirements, and only need to change the headband to realize the change of style matching. The headband wig can enhance your temperament and make your outfit richer, such as matching dresses, attending some private parties, which can also show your charming elegance.

How To Care Headband Wigs If We Get One?

First, Prepare a special shelf to place the wig. Problems such as knotting and deformation will occur on the hair over time, which will ultimately affect the wearing effect. There should be a special shelf to place it so that after combing it, put it on the shelf and let it appear naturally sagging to avoid deformation.

Second, Pay attention to the choice of combs when taking care of the hair. Ordinary plastic combs can generate static electricity and cause knots, so you need to use a special comb or comb it by hand. comb the hair daily, it should be slow and gentle when combing, as patient as combing your own hair.

Third, clean the hair and headband regularly. as the use time increases, the hair on the headband will appear dull, although the headband does not produce oil and dandruff-like our hair, it also should be cleaned regularly. the headband can be soaked in warm water for a period of time, and then washed with non-corrosive and irritating shampoo, and finally rinsed thoroughly with clean water.

Fourth, Minimize the use of hot hair dryers. Hot hairdryer will easily cause dull or even damage to the hair. It is better to put it on the shelf vertical to dry to ensure its softness and natural.