How to Hide Hair Extensions in Short Hair?

Hair extensions, as the tools to help lengthen and thicken our natural hair, have always been popular with women. Hair extensions are often designed for women who want long hair. If your natural hair is too short or too thin, using extensions will be quite challenging. So many women with very short hair have a problem when trying hair extensions, that is their natural hair cannot hide hair extensions perfectly. How to hide extensions in very short hair for the desired hairstyle?

  1. Cut Hair Extensions

To keep your extensions in line with your natural hair length, you can trim them yourself. Before cutting the extensions, you need to make sure your hair is dry to show its most natural length. Besides, we recommend that you only cut a small amount of hair at a time to prevent irreparable mistakes.

  1. Choose Suitable Extensions Color

As long as you don't choose the right color, extensions will be easily visible. So it's best to choose an extensions color that is the closest to your natural hair tone.

  1. Style Your Hair And Extensions Together

Whenever, styling is necessary for your natural hair because it helps your extensions stay aligned and more lively. To get the most natural hair look, you can section your hair into many small parts and style them with your flat or curling iron one by one.

  1. 4. Make Braids

Making braids with your natural hair and extensions is one of the most effective methods for how to hide extensions in very short hair. It is not only safe for your scalp but also offers a natural cover over the wefts of the extensions. The braids also help blend your hair and extensions more perfectly together.

  1. Get a Natural Wig

Whether it's a lace wig or a glueless wig, all hair extensions are sewn directly into the wig cap, covering your short hair completely, you don't need to do any trimming or braiding to get the most natural hair look. So it's a simple and direct way.

Hot Selling Hair Extensions Recommended

It is recommended to choose human hair extensions. Because it has the most natural hair look and the most durable extension lifespan. And we will recommend some hot selling extensions for you.