How to Maintain and Restore the Waves of Body Wave Wigs?

What is Body Wave Hair?

When we talk about hair textures, it comes with classic straight hair, attractive curly hair, active water wave hair, gentle body wave hair, etc. Body wave hair has the natural consistent "S" shaped wavy. Body wave hair has bigger and looser curls than other wavy hair. Women is graceful and gentle with a body wave hair wig.

Why Need to Restore Body Wave Wigs?

Body wave human hair wigs are made from straight hair, the beautiful body waves achieved by the process of high-temperature steam, so the hair texture of body wave is easy to become loose, especially after many times of washing, the original body wave will be mostly lost gradually. So it is very necessary to learn some useful methods to maintain and restore body wave wigs.

How to Maintain and Restore the Waves of Body Wave Wigs?

  1. Wash and a deep conditioning treatment regularly.

After washing, body wave hair wigs should be patted with highly absorbent, clean, dry towels to absorb excess water, then left the body wave hair wigs to air dry naturally.

Wiping, rubbing dry furiously, or wrapping a body wave hair wig tightly with a towel all will cause the much stress and even can damage the human hair wig.

  1. Comb the body wave hair wigs from the hair roots to the hair ends gently with a wide-tooth comb after the wig is air dry.

Don't brush the hair hardly, it can cause stretching and breakage.

  1. The use of essential oils massage can care and add moisture to body wave hair wigs, which can help maintain the waves of body wave hair wigs.
  2. Put some mousse on the body wave hair wig, which helps shape the hair wavy.
  3. Less Use of Heat-Styling Hair Tools.

Blow-dryers, ceramic straighteners, and curling irons, etc, all of these can cause heat damage to body wave hair wigs. If it is necessary, set the temperature on low or medium heat, don't go over 180 degrees centigrade, to protect the body wave hair wigs from damage.