How To Maintain The Chic Color Of Your Wig?

Wearing a colored wig becomes a new trend recently, different colored wigs can reflect your different styles. As a fashionista, everyone has their own prefer choice of hair color .

There are many hot selling chic colored wigs in Lovmuse, like 99 J, 613 blonde, Highlight, Honey blonde, etc. As we know that colored wigs will fade after a period of time for wearing,so after you have a perfect colored wig that is suitable for you, it is important to consider how to maintain the hair color of the wig. Today I will introduce some useful maintenance tips for colored wigs.

1. Wearing A Hair Hat

Some people don't like to take a wig on and off frequently, as it is inconvenient for most people. They always wear it to take a shower and sleep, but no matter wearing it during bathing or sleeping both can damage the color durability of your hair wig. I suggest you can wear a hair hat when you take your shower and wear a satin silk sleep nightcap when you go to sleep. These two kinds of hats both can play an effective role in protection.

2. Deep Conditions Regularly

Doing deep conditions regularly also is an essential way to maintain the color of your wig, that can make the hair soft and not easy to tangle firstly, soft water will be better to wash your hair, as soft water is cleaner than hard water, hard water is cloudy and minimal to no bubbles, washing hair wigs with hard water will damage your hair, the hair wig will become dry and frizzy gradually.  Besides, remember to choose a suitable hair conditioner which can maintain the hair color of the wig, the use of the wrong products for hair care may even damage your hair permanently.

3. Let Your Hair Air Dry Or Blow-Dry Correctly

Of course, the colored hair wigs need to be washed periodically. But after washing, we suggest you'd better let your colored hair wig air dry or blow-dry. After washing, put the wig outdoors in a sunny place and dry it completely. If you want to dry your hair with high-temperature styling tools, such as straight perm and curling stick, remember to set the temperature to the lowest, dry the wig with the cold air mode, the high-temperature will cause heat damage to your hair, and the hair color may fade more easily.

4. Avoid Hot Sunshine

People usually wear wigs under the sun in daily life. For the most part, hair dried is due to the sun exposure. Being exposed to direct sunlight too much can easily make your human hair wig sunburnt, you can wear a sunhat to protect the colored hair wig from direct sunlight.