How to maintain the hair color of your human hair wig?

Wearing a human hair colored wig has becoming a new trend recently, all the fashionable women are trying it. Different colored human hair wigs can reflect completely different styles on different occasions. There are many hot selling chic colored wigs in Lovmuse Hair, like 99J, 613 blonde, Highlight, etc. There must be one suitable for you.

If you have a perfect colored wig, you should consider how to maintain the hair color. Because if you don't maintain and care for it well, the color of the colored hair will fade easily, which will affect the beauty of the wig.

Here are Some Useful Maintenance Tips of Hair Color for Your References.

  1. Wearing a Shower Cap in Shower

Some people don't like to take off the human hair wig when take a shower or sleep, as it is inconvenient for most people, but that will damage the color durability of your human hair wig. It is suggested to wear a shower cap when you take a shower and wear a satin silk sleep nightcap when you go to sleep. These two kinds of hats both can play an effective role in protection.

There are many colors of a nightcap in Lovmuse Hair that can choose from, including red, green, wine, hot pink, purple, etc. As long as you place an order in Lovmuse Hair, you can get one of them!

  1. Let Hair Air Dry

Of course, the colored hair wigs need to be washed periodically. But after washing, we suggest you'd better let your colored hair wig air dry. If you want to blow-dry, make sure that the temperature of the blower is low, if the hair dryer too hot will cause heat damage to your hair, and the hair color may fade more easily.  

  1. Deep Conditions Regularly

Doing deep conditions regularly also is an essential way to maintain the color of your wig. Besides, remember to choose a good suitable hair conditioner. You can choose hair conditioner with color fixing ingredients.

  1. Avoid Hot Sunshine

For the most part, hair dried is due to the always sun exposure, especially on the beach. Being exposed to direct sunlight too much can easily get your human hair wig sun burnt, which will cause the fade. I suggest you can wear a sunhat to protect the colored hair wig from direct sunlight.