How To Make a Lace Wig Keep Cool in Hot Summer ?

The weather is getting hotter and hotter recently, and the hot summer is coming soon. Have you prepared the beautiful hair for the coming summer? How to choose a cool lace wig in hot summer? How to make a lace wig keep cool in hot summer ?

Choose the Lighter Color Lace Wig

When choosing a human hair wig for the hot days, go for a lighter color as it will not absorb as much heat as the dark color do. Therefore, you will feel not very hot. The lighter color human hair wig will also match the color of the summer more. The colored wigs human hair you can opt for are blonde, 99J, or highlight wigs. All of them are beautiful in summer.

lov muse hair short bob wigs human hair

Choose the Shorter Lace Wig

Fed up with the long hair that is often damp and sweat during the hot days? Why not choose a short bob wig instead? You will definitely feel cool in the hot summer! They are also very easy to wash and maintain, you can even design as per your personal preferences.

Style Some Cool Hairstyles For Summer

If you are not keen on trying a shorter hairstyle, you can also opt for some cool hairstyles such as a side braid, bun, or up do, which will tie your hair up from your face and neck to make you feel cool and comfortable.

Reduce the Density of Lace Wig

Generally, the thick human hair wigs can provide more hairstyles, but it's not suitable in hot summer, thick wigs are very hot and easy sweaty in the summer. Therefore, when looking for a summer wig, make sure to choose a lower-density wig for more breathable and comfortable.

Wash Your Lace Wig Regularly

It is important to wash your wig regularly in summer. A combination of oil and sweat can be accumulated inside it hence because of the high temperature, which make people feel very uncomfortable or even hurt the scalp. So, the lace wigs are better be washed once at least in 10 days. Not only your scalp will be comfortable, but also the human hair wig will be smooth and soft.