How To Make Your Hair Extensions Look Different

Everyone wants to be different when you wear a hair extension, hair extensions of different textures, colors, even lengths, and densities can make people feel different. So how do we make our hair extensions look different?


The first thing that can make your hair extension look different: headband. Especially for a black hair extension, a nice headband is the icing on the cake. Bright headbands can make you stunning, such as yellow, orange, red, blonde. And if your hair extension is light, then I recommend a dark headband, such as black, grey, purple. With such a simple accessory, you can look more energetic and youthful. You can change your headband at any time. Different colors and styles can bring different feelings. A headband wig doesn't need you to cut lace, you just need to change the headband you like, which is very convenient.


If you learn how to braid your hair extentions, you'll stand out in a crowd. There are many kinds of braids, according to the braiding method, they can be divided into ponytail, braid, scorpion braid, etc. The number of braids includes single braid, double braid, multi braid, etc. In general, no matter what texture or color your hair is, you can become  more attractive by braiding your hair. In addition to normal braiding, you can also use ribbons or colored hair bundles to braid your hair, you will look more stylish and energetic. If you want to braid your hair, then I suggest you buy a lace wig, it will melt better into your hairline and look more natural. 

3.Highlight Hair

A highlight hair is always the one that stands out in a crowd. I'm sure you'll notice that a lot of people these days have highlight hair in bright colors. This kind of highlight hair doesn't look very obtrusive but rather glamorous. If you're a trendsetter, then I recommend trying a frontal highlight hair it’s very popular and fashion recently. And you can just dye your hair in any color you like at home by yourself.

So it’s easy to be different in crowd, come on!