How to Select a Popular Hair Texture? 

People need to have different kinds of hairstyles to match their different clothing styles and participate in various occasions and events. There are many hair textures to choose: body wave, deep wave, water wave, curly wave, straight, how to select hair textures?

Straight Hair Wigs

Straight wig is a common and classic hair texture. People choose it because classic never goes wrong. Straight hair also should get layers: the layers will add the active of the hair, the hair won't hang there limply once it's dry. A classic hairstyle can make women look classy.

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Body Wave Hair Wigs

Body wave hair wig has the biggest and loosest curls than other wavy hairs. Body wave hair is a natural hair texture that can offer women a natural look. It can make women look graceful and gentle.

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Curly Wave Hair Wigs

People can always have an active and younger look with curly wave wigs, and the curls of curly wigs are tighter, it can increase the think of your hair richness.

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Water Wave Hair Wigs

Water wave wig is like the water ripples just like its name and flows in many directions. The curls of water wave hair are irregular and tight. Water wave hair is natural and puffy.

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You can also use a curling iron or a straightening iron to create different styles by yourself at home if one day you are tired of the original hair texture.