How to Style a Natural V Part Body Wave Wig?

Body wave V part wigs are one of the most popular hairstyles for African American ladies because of its charming and natural look. All the body waves form a consistent and natural deep S shape and you will have a shiny appearance with them.

Lovmuse Hair Body wave V part wigs are made of 100% original human hair, they can be permed and dyed at your will. V part wigs are easily to wear and take off, there is no glue needed, it is the best choice for beginners, it is also one of the main reasons for its popularity.

How to Style a Natural V Part Body Wave Wig?

  1. Wet Your Hair

Wet your hair to make it easier to handle. use the conditioner to make the hair more smooth and natural.

  1. Braid Your Hair

Then braid your hair into neat, small braids and wrap them around your head. Make sure your natural hair is flat. Next, pull the ponytail into a horizontal bun and fix it with a hairpin.

  1. Install the Wig

No glue is needed, so it can be done in a few minutes. Just fix the V part wig on your head by some clips in the wig cap until your head feel comfortable.

  1. Keep the Natural Waves.

Moisturize hair with elastin that match the S hair texture. To form a loose, elastic curl, please cut your hair into long, layered layers. Dry your hair, and tighten your hair with your fingers, use a hair dryer to blow your hair for a willing wavy style.