How to Use Lace Closure and Hair Bundles to Make a Human Hair Wig?

Lace wigs are very popular among women, compared with other kinds of human hair wigs, the lace of a lace wig is almost invisible, soft and breathable which form a realistic hairline, and ideally, it can perfectly adapt to women of all skin tones. Because of the high quality lace, the price of lace wigs are expensive than other kinds of wigs.

Therefore, lace closures and hair bundles are also an option for people who are on a tight budget but want a new hairstyle. With the correct installation, lace closures and hair bundles can be more versatile than lace wigs, but are much affordable than lace wigs.

How to Use Lace Closure and Hair Bundles to Make a Human Hair Wig?

We need to prepare some items before sewing.

3 or 4 hair bundles and lace closure, some pearl-headed pins, one adjustable strap, and a wig cap, a headband, a wig stand, a comb.

  1. Fix the wig stand on the table, put the hair cap on the wig stand, pay attention to distinguish the front and back;
  2. Measure the hair bundles before sewing the hair cap to see how many guide rails are needed. If you only need one, don't cut it to avoid hair loss.
  3. Fix the hair closure on the front of the hair cap with a pearl pin, then tighten the lace and sew it along the edge with a needle to ensure firmness.
  4. Take out the prepared hair bundles, follow your first track, start sewing from one edge of the lace seal to the wig cap, along the bottom edge of the cap (where your nape is located). After sewing all tracks to the lace seal, sew the last track to the lace seal. Secure and cut off the excess track with knots.
  5. Straighten the hair and pluck the hair on the front to make it natural.
  6. After sewing, remove the wig from the wig stand, and cut off the excess wig cap exposed under the lace. You can also cut off the extra lace. Be careful not to cut too close to your hair, otherwise, you may damage the entire wig.
  7. Turn the wig over and sew a comb on each side of the head, preferably one at the back, so that it can help you keep your hair. At this point, your wig is ready.