Make Your Bob Wig Flatter Your Face Shape

Just like make-up could be applied to enhance your appearance, hairstyle is another breakthrough to improve your charm. Short bob wigs are preferred by many women who wants to be fashion and unique. But how to make your bob wig show your beauty better among so many bob wears?Knowing how to make it flatter your face shape will be a very important skill.

1.Round face

Many people think short bob hairstyle is not suitable for round-faced women, in fact, they can still be very beautiful if the hair does not adhere to both cheeks tightly. Wearing a side-parted short bob wig with some waves could reduce the feeling of roundness successfully. So short bob wigs with some waves are more suitable for round faces .

2.Oval face

Oval face is virtually the most perfect face shape, so it could open to any hair style and length. Sometimes leaving one-side fringe for bob hair can make your face contours more prominent. Moreover, girls with oval face could also be more brave to try colorful bob wigs, like 613 blonde, honey blonde, 99J, or high light, which could add you more vigour!

3. Square face

For this type of face, the angle is more obvious, and will make people look a little bit serious. At this time, you need to use hair to frame face shape. You can choose the hair length to your jaw position (8 or 10inches according to hair textures), which soften the angle and weaken the feeling of seriousness .

4.Heart-shaped face

The heart-shaped face is a very popular face type recently, girls with heart-shaped face has generally much sharper chin, but the disadvantage is that cheekbone position is relatively high, so you could try a slightly shorter bob with bangs, which could more or less hide the cheekbones and show your exquisite chin !

5.Long face

If you have a long face, in order to balance the width shortage of face, you’d better choose a bob with more hair volume, so a curly bob wig no wonder will be a great choice, which visually shorten the length of face.

Wish above tips will help you get twofold results with half the effort on your way to become beauty.