Precaution For Cleaning Wigs

Precaution For Cleaning Wigs

1.Do not soak the wig in water, hair conditioner and other liquids for more than 10 minutes when we cleaning a wig, because a long time of soaking will make the hair loose, resulting in hair easy to fall off.

2.The water temperature should not be too hot, or the bottom of the lace net and hair will be easily deformed.

3.Don't pull the wig too hard. The fragile bottom of the net or the hair willbe easily torn.

4.Reduce the frequency of hair washing, generally wash wigs every 10-15 days. Washing them too often will damage the wig and cause tangles

5.We can only clean up the dirt on the surface, but deep cleaning and hair. maintenance also need to be taken care of by special people, so wigs also need to be regularly brought to the wig shop for special maintenance.