Protective Hair Styles, Are You Ready?

You must have heard what powers a protective hairstyle has. Protective hairstyle are done to protect your hair from harmful elements in the air, these hairstyles are very common in long or medium-length hair, they can protect your hair from damage while they keep you in trend.

These hairstyles relax your hair while they protect it from roots to tips. If your hair is becoming dry, brittle, and is breaking away frequently, you can turn to protective styles to lessen the breakage and promote hair growth.

What Are The Benefits Of Protective Styles?

Lock moisture in your hair

Provide you with trendsetting looks

Nourish your hair and scalp

Protect hair from pollution and other hair damaging elements

Some Protective Hair Styles You Can Try On To Pamper Your Natural Hair!


This is one of the most loved hairstyles in African and Asian cultures. The plaited hair has a free fall from your head. In this, your hair is firstly parted in different sections and then tied together after being braided. The best thing about this hairstyle is that your hair remains intact even if you had a busy day.

Well, the most trending and gorgeous braid styles these days are-

French braid, Bubble, Fishtail, Box braids


Suppose you are a girl with curly hair or have to run errands frolicking here and there. The updo is one of the stylish and sophisticated updos you can choose to do. You collect all your hair together, roll it in a bun or bunch. Decorate with a scrunchie or a clip to complete the look.

Some of the trendiest updos these days are-

Beehive, Chignon bun, Topknot, Pigtails


They are somewhat middle of the two protective hairstyles that we just discussed. In this, the hair is tied together in two parts to be kept loose like a braid, opening up the space to experiment with a stylish updo. This hairstyle especially for women who like to experiment with the versatility.

Protective hairstyles are fun and functional. You can also achieve these hairstyles with hair extensions if you have short hair. So, don’t limit yourself. Keep exploring! Be fashionable!