Some Questions You May Have About Hair Weaving

  1. Do All The Bundles Should Be The Same Length?

This is a preference not necessarily a requirement. If you purchases all bundles the same length, it will have a natural taper. For example an (18) inch installed at the top of the head, will fall differently at the nape of the neck This gives a natural taper. It will be easier to achieve a layered hair look if you purchase staggered lengths ( such as 14,16,18 inch).

So it depends on your own preference.

  1. Are Weaves Painful For Your Hair?

There are a lot of different installation methods. A traditional sew in styles requires cornrows to which the tracks will be sewn to, someone who is new to this service may find a slight discomfort. But Micro link is seamless and painless.

In most cases, weaves are not harmful to your hair, but if the removal process is done improperly can be damaging. They are installed with adhesive such as (bold hold, or ghost bond) should always be removed by a professional. A weave install which requires corn braids and the sew-in of tracks will need to be removed with assistance so as not to accidentally cut or damage your braids while removing the tracks, and It's imperative to be removed with the appropriate removal products.

  1. How Long Does A Weave Last?

Weaves have a 4-8 week life span depending on the speed of your natural hair growth. Throughout the duration of the install your natural underneath will grow causing the braids to expand. This will start to reflect a loose and bumpy install. How fast the client's natural hair grows will determine how long it will last.

  1. How Long Does Your Hair Need To Be To Get  A Weave?

Typically 2-3 inches of hair is required for a weave to be properly installed, this length is necessary for the stylist to complete the braids. A wig is the best option for someone whose hair does not meet that criteria. Wigs tend to lay flatter and have a better install on shorter hair.

  1. How Do You Take Care Of Your Hair Under A Weave?

Weaves are treated the same as your natural hair. Your natural hair underneath is oftentimes hidden for the duration of the install, you can apply hair oils and scalp nourishment through each track if you have a traditional install. But, until the hair is taken down your hair is hidden and protected underneath, to remove product build up, we recommend washing and conditioning regularly as your own hair.