Some Tips To Keep Your Body Wave Wigs Wavy


No matter which occasion you are attending, the body wave hair will always give you that youthful and beautiful look you are yearning for. What makes a body wave wig looks beautiful definitely is its natural beachy waves. Therefore, it is particularly important to keep curly hair waves look wavy as it used to be when you bought it.

What Is A Body Wave Wig?

A body wave wig is a type of human hair wig with texture that has consistent “S” pattern shape on the entire hair strands. It has a natural luster, looks fluffy, and it is very fashionable.

Tips Keep The Body Wave Wigs Wavy:

1.Deep condition your body wave regularly with conditioner

To prevent your body wave from tangling and shedding, you need to deep-condition it every two weeks.

2.Allow your body wave wig to air dry completely

If possible, you need to avoid using a blow drier to dry off your body wave wig. It is better to let it air dry, especially if you are not in a hurry.

3.Comb hair from the top to the end

When applying oil to your body wave wig, you need to use wide tooth comb to comb it with your finger gently from the top to the end.

4.Style your hair with curl defining cream

You can apply the curl defining cream evenly to your body wave wig following the curve simultaneously. Of course, you shouldn’t apply too much mousse as it can make your body wave wig attract dust easily.

5.Wear a silk nightcap to cover your hair

One of the best ways you can make your body wave hair bundles or sew in wavy is to wear a satin or silk nightcap when going to bed. This can help prevent frizzing and tangling. Make sure that the entire body wave hair is covered by the cap.