Some Ways To Make Straight Hair Look A Lot

Having straight hair can be transformed into many different types of styles. You can leave it as it is, heat style it in various ways, and opt for multiple haircuts ranging from a trendy bob to layering it.

Straight hair is low maintenance because fewer styling products are required compared to other hair types. Straight hair tends to be easier to detangle because it's pattern doesn't have twists and turns like other hair textures.

However, every hair texture has its advantages and disadvantages, and so does straight hair. The disadvantage of straight hair is that it will appear to have little hair, if you really like the straight hair, here are some ways to make straight hair look a lot.

1.Tie your hair up in a bun the night before, it helps keep your roots lifted and makes sure it doesn’t stay flat against your head while you sleep.

2. Avoid applying oily products near roots because they add more oil to your hair and make them look greasy and flat. Oily products should be applied to the ends of the hair or the middle parts because that is where your hair needs it the most.

3. To get natural-looking straight hair, avoid straightening it in layers because this makes your hair fall flat on your head. Instead, divide your hair into two equal sections and start to straighten them, then you can achieve natural-looking straight hair.

4. You can also use dry shampoo. Dry shampoo makes sure your roots remain volumized and your scalp feels clean. It also helps remove excess oil that weighs down hair.

5. Apply flexible hair spray for volumized hair. Flip your hair back and forth and spray the product. This way, it creates air in your hair, lifts the roots. Ensure your hair spray has a flexible hold and is lightweight so that it doesn’t weigh down your hair.