Surprise My Dear Mother in the Mother's Day!

Mother's Day is a holiday to thank mothers. Modern mother's Day originated in the United States. It is the second Sunday in May every year. After a hundred years, it has become a popular festival in American culture. Mothers usually receive gifts on this day. Carnations are regarded as flowers for their mothers. Sending flowers and gifts to mothers on Mother's Day is the most common holiday expression for children.

So, have you decided what gift to prepare for your mother? Flowers, jewelry, restaurant gifts, clothing or apparel accessories, home decorations, or the beautiful hair?

Lovmuse Hair launched the Event for “Mother’s Day”, 15% off for all orders!

Are you dazzled by all kinds of human hair wigs? Here are some popular hair styles for you to choose from.

Body Wave Hair 4x4 Lace Closure 

The lace size of this wig is 4x4 inches, which is a small part, so the installation both glue needed or not are okay, just put it on and secure the hair on your head with some clips, which is super convenient. The body wave is mature and elegant, which is favored by most people.

 Lace Part Straight Hair

Straight hair is silky and natural. The breeze blows through silky straight hair, which will be very beautiful. You can always choose classic straight hair for your mother. Classic never goes wrong. The lace size of forehead is 13 inches, ear to ear, which provide the realistic and natural hairline.

V Part Water Wave Hair

It is a glueless wig, the advantage of glueless wigs is that there is no need to use glue to install the wig, which avoids the damage of some chemicals to the scalp. It can be easily installed or took off in a few minutes. It is a great option for women who are busy.

4x4 Lace Closure  Bob Hair

The length of Bob wigs is only touching to the shoulders, which is shorter than other kind of wigs, so it looks more refreshing and neat, especially in summer, a Bob wig is a nice choice for its cool and refreshing. The maintenance and care of a Bob wig is also more convenient and affordable.

We also prepared exquisite gifts for mothers if you place an order now. So, are you ready to surprise your dear mother on Mother's day?