The Difference Between Deep Wave Wigs and Loose Deep Wave Wigs

Deep wave wigs and loose deep wave wigs have sold well in the market for a long time. The curling patterns of them are similar so that many people confused about the difference between them. Today let's talk about the difference between them.

Deep Wave Wigs

The deep wave wig is a popular hair texture with the "S" shape of a water wave wig. It has the same hair texture as the body wave wig, but the curl of a deep wave wig is tighter and looks neater. The curling direction of the deep wave wig is the same, the curling is tight and neat.

Loose Deep Wave Wigs

The loose deep wave is somewhat similar to the deep wave, but it looks looser overall. At the same time, it will be tighter than the body wave wigs, so this is a human hair wig that is not too tight or loose, from root to tip are completely regular, plump and thick, soft and smooth, which will give you a comfortable and natural appearance.

The Difference Between Deep Wave Wigs and Loose Deep Wave Wigs

  1. Loose deep wave wigs look more looser and softer than deep wave wigs, not as tight as the curls of deep wave wigs.
  2. The loose deep wave wigs are more fluffy, so it looks cooler and more natural. The deep wave wigs are more sexy and fashionable.

3. Deep wave wigs are firmer or even thinner and can flatter the face better than loose deep wave wigs.

The Advantages of Deep Wave Wigs and Loose Deep Wave Wigs in Lovmuse Hair

  1. Made of 100% human hair, without any chemical treatment. It can be curled, shaped, dyed, permed, and can be reused.
  2. The curls are tight and neat, full and thick. No tangles or falling off.
  3. Long-lasting time, If you take care of your human hair wigs like your own hair, it will last for more than a year.
  4. The curly and fluffy hair texture flatter the face shape.

No matter which wig you choose, these two kind of human hair are both beautiful and fashionable, which will definitely have a nice look on you.