Tips that Help Make a Human Hair Wig Last Longer

As a human hair wig owner, have you know how to make a human hair wig last longer? Lovmuse Hair will advise you some tips about it.

  1. Reduce Cleaning Frequency

Normally the frequency of cleaning wigs depends on how often you wear your wigs and the product status of your wigs. But washing too often can cause human hair wigs to become dry and fragile gradually. Because human hair wigs can't absorb nutrients or oils from human scalps like our real hair. You can decide on the frequency of washing wigs according to the frequency of wigs use. Don't wash neither frequently nor seldom. Generally, once in two weeks is enough.

  1. Reduce Restyle Frequency

People usually will be tired of wearing the same hairstyles for a long time. But buying a new human hair wig may seem a bit wasteful. So most people will choose to restyle their human hair wigs with some tools by themselves. Such as hair straighteners, curling irons, or hair-dying.

Although you can get a new hairstyle through these tools, but they will shorten the working life of your hair wigs. If you restyle your hair wigs frequently, your hair wigs will become dry and brittle. So we suggest you reduce restyle hair wigs too often.

  1. Avoid Wearing Same Wig Every Day

If you often do sports or exercises with your human hair wigs, or if you often wear human hair wigs on hot summer days, then your human hair wigs will get dirty easily. As you will sweat a lot after exercising, wet sweating will wet and smudge your hair wigs. Don't wear the same wig every day, you can prepare two or three wigs and wear them in turn, a curly hair, a straight hair, or long hair, short Bob hair, you can also get different styles.

  1. Store Your Wig Correctly

The environment of storing wigs is also important. If you store your wig in a damp area, your wigs will get wet easily. Choosing a dry and clean place to store your wig is a good choice.

  1. Always Buy Quality Wigs

Where can buy a high-quality wig? It is recommended Lovmuse Hair. We offer many different kinds of human hair wigs, which are high quality and affordable price.