Two Braided Hairstyles Help You Stand Out

Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Do you want your hair to be fresher and more elegant? The easiest way is to braid your hair!Today we bring you two styles which simple and refreshing without losing temperament, even if you are a novice can easily master, quickly learn it!

Preparing Tools: Rubber band; Hairpin

Hairstyle 1: European And American Style Curly Hair Styling

This hair styling is simple and generous, but also elegant.

Step 1 First, divide the human hair into three parts: the hair on both ears and the hair on the back. Then tie the back part of the human hair into a ponytail and twist it into a ball shape.

Step 2 Hide the bits of hair left at the end of the ponytail around the ball hair as much as possible.

Step 3 Use a fine tooth comb to comb the front bangs down and back.

Step 4 Twist the front bangs on your fingers and twist them back until they are close to the behind ball hair and fix them with a hairpin.

Step 5 Continue to repeat the twisting action, take a small bundle of hair from both ears at a time, twist them close to the ball hair, and fix them with a hairpin respectively. If the end of the twisted hair bundle is too long, it can be wrapped around the hair ball and coiled in a tight place.

Hairstyle 2: Similar To French Weave Hair Styling

Instead of simply knitting to the end, a process has been added in the middle, which looks like a half tie.

Step 1 First divide the human hair wig above the ear into three parts, and then fix the middle part.

Step 2 Tie the two sides of the hair into a ponytail, and then put the middle of the hair down to create a fluffy feeling.

Step 3 Use the method of multiple braids to weave hair, and finally braid into a simple three-strand braids, then make the braids loose, and such a hair styling is completed.

These two hairstyles need only a little attention on the details, which can be easily mastered, and a new and good-looking outdoor styling is properly completed. Whether you're shopping or dating, they’re perfect for you.