Typical And Popular Colors Of Hair Extensions

Human populations differ in their skin color, eye color, hair color, and other physical characteristics. Sometimes, people are tired of their monotonous hair color and want to try some new hair colors by dying. But dying hair takes time, and also will damage your real human natural hair, in addition, dying hair will fade as time goes by. So if you decide to have new hair color, you can buy a colored hair extension directly. Here are some typical colored hair extensions for your reference.

1. Natural Black Color

Let's start with the most common hair color - natural black color. The natural black color is not as dark as the jet black. It is closer to natural human hair color. That is why its name is natural black. Having lustrous cascades of natural black hair is always attractive. Compared to other hair colors, natural black hair color is classic and safe. You can consider buying a natural black wig when you don't know what kind of hair color of a hair wig to choose. Classic never goes wrong.

2. Brown Color

Brown color is one of the fastest-growing fashion hair colors. Many people like brown hair, they think it is a nice color. Brown color can reflect elegance and beauty. Brown hair color can match all kinds of hair textures perfectly, same hair color with different hairstyles also offers people different feelings. Straight hair is dignified, and body wave hair is mature. No matter which hair texture of brown you choose, you can get a perfect wig look for sure.

3. 613 Blonde Color

After finishing introducing natural black color. Next, I will talk about a completely different color - 613 blonde colors. Natural black color is a kind of dark color, on the contrary, 613 blonde color is a bright color. The first impression that blonde color gives to people is it is shining and gleaming. It also can give women sensuality and youth. People who want to become the focus of the crowd can please try a 613 blonde lace front wig. After wearing it, you can be a princess or a barbie girl. 613 blonde color naive, dreamlike and is the permanent classic hair color for girls to parties, shopping and date.

4. 99J Burgundy Color

99J burgundy color likes a color mix of red and purple, it is also closer to red wine. It is not a pure color. 99J is a wonderful color, it can match all skin tones of people, also could make you look more mature and feminine, definitely a magical and the most popular color!

5. Honey Blonde Color

Different from the 613 blonde colors, the honey blonde color is warm and more gentle. Just like its name, it is a color like honey that can give you a sweet and lovely feeling. For people who want to have a different but not eye-catching hair color, honey blonde color is a good choice

So which color do you like? Hurry to have one!