U Part Wigs: High Cost Effective And Easy To Wear

1. What Is The U Part Wig?

What is the U part wig? Just as its name implies, the top of the wig is just like U shape. U Part wig is an invisible half-wig and sewn on a u part cap with clips and adjustable straps on the back, because the U part wig has a special u-shaped opening at the top of the hair, so it will expose your hair, you can mix the exposed hair to make the hairline look more natural. it is easier and faster to wear than other wigs, and it can increases hair volume.

2. How To Wear U Part Wigs?

Step1 Comb hair to show hairline

spray your hair slightly wet, comb your hair according to the direction of the opening of the U part wig you have purchased.

Step2 Tie the inner hair into a ponytail

Starting about 1 cm from the edge of the U-shaped area, tie the inner hair into a ponytail, securing it to the sides with clips, and tie one back to the top of the head. Keep your hair as firm as possible, cling to your scalp, make the hair does not want so fluffy, this is to facilitate the wearing of the U part wig.

Step3 Fixed U part wig

Grab a small section of hair under the wig, clip the  u part wig together along the angle of the scalp to the corresponding part of the wig, let go and let it hang naturally, then adjust it to highlight the odd points.

Step4 Let your hair down and comb it smoothly

Let the hair on both sides of the head and the top of the head down, gently comb the direction with the hand first, make it consistent with the wig, cover the wig clip, and then comb with the comb. You can spray a little water mist again, be helpful for hair comb.

3. Advantages Of U Part Wigs


Getting up too late and almost late for the date or for class but still want to be look gorgeous, u part wig is the best choice for you. 3 minutes are all you need to install it, and then you will have a stunning hairstyle. U part wig is also super affordable, boasting good quality of human hairs while with a lower price.

Durable And Stable

Compared to the lace wig, the u part wig can last longer time because it doesn't exist the problem of broken lace. With combs at front and back, it can secure the wig on your head.

Available To Many Kinds Of Hairstyles

Being a girl that leads the trend, you can change hairstyles with u part wig easily to suit your daily outfit, such as pineapple style, high ponytail, top knot bun, and so on.