Ways to Style a Fashionable Headband Wig

As an ever-changing fashionista, how can you miss the fashion headband wigs? A headband wig is not only more affordable but also versatile. With a special design of hairband, you can style your headband wigs as you like. Then how to style a headband wig? let's have a look.

Try Different Headbands

This is definitely the easiest way to change the looking of your hairstyle. There are different styles of headbands you can choose from according to your preference. If you want your look to be simple, you can choose the common cloth headbands and padded headbands; if you want your hairstyle to look more gorgeous, go for pear headbands and jeweled headbands.

Low Ponytail

I believe that making a low ponytail is just a piece of cake for all girls. You only need to comb your headband wig and put all your hair together, then use a rubber band to tighten them.

High Ponytail

If a low ponytail is a good idea to add gentle for us, then a high ponytail is the easiest way to make us lively. To get this hairstyle, you just need to comb all your hair to the top of the back of your head and tie it tightly with a rubber band. A lively, fashionable hair style is finished.

Half Up Half Down

This is a common and popular hairstyle for a headband wig. You can divide your hair into two parts, the upper and the down. Leave the down part and tight the upper part up. The upper part of the hair can be just tied up, or it can be tied into a bun. With this hairstyle, you get the advantages of both a high ponytail and long hair, which is more chic.

High Bun

A high bun makes all your hair together at the position of the top of your head. This hairstyle can completely show your beautiful facial features, and it is very suitable for summer.

What about? Is it excited to see these fashionable and beautiful hairstyles? Hurry to select a favorite headband wig!