What Are The Ways To Avoid Hair Splits?

Our natural hair is prone to split ends, and so are lace wigs. Although there is one straight way to solve bifurcation-pruning, we can also take some effective measures to reduce the risk of bifurcation.

What Are Split Ends?

After a lot of investigation and research, scientists have found that the cause of hair split ends is that the content of two amino acids (Methionine and cysteine) in the hair is significantly reduced, which makes the hair texture brittle and easier to split. The longer the hair, the longer it takes for the hair cells to die. Although they often appear on the ends of the hair as it dries, becomes brittle and frayed, they can appear anywhere on the hair strands

What  Are The Ways To Avoid Hair Splits?

1.You need to cut off the split ends. If you don't cut it off, the ends of long hair will still split. It is best to cut one inch upwards from the bifurcation point.

2.Use a mild shampoo that is completely suitable for your hair, and use a conditioner after each shampoo to supply the hair with the nutrients needed.

3.Minimize chemical treatments such as perming, dyeing, and bleaching. After perming and dyeing, be sure to replenish hair nutrition.

4.Hair is combed every day, especially before going to bed. Many people only wash their faces and take a bath, but forget to brush off the dust on the hair, because the hair is more dirty and dusty than the body and face.

5.Don't expose your hair to the sun in the summer. Avoid using improper shampoo. Ensure enough sleep time to prevent excessive fatigue. Avoid being corroded by seawater.

6.For those with long human hair weaves, to avoid split ends, it is best to cut the ends of the hair once about 40 days, and switch to oily shampoo, and roast the oil regularly.

While there are ways to avoid split ends, these solutions need to be consistent for everyone to get significant results.