What Do We Need To Know About Storing Wigs

It’s essential to keep your wigs soft, shiny, and flawless, so you should find a best storage place for the wig in your home when you don't want to wear a certain wig.

How Do You Prepare Before Storage?  

Before storing your wig, you must clean it with lukewarm water and use a sulfate-free shampoo, ensuring these shampoos and conditions should be safe for your wig, and this process helps to keep the wig straight silky and avoid tangles in hairs. After washing your wig, you should make sure it has to be completely dry and then think of choosing an excellent place for your wig.

Here Are Some Ways We Introduced To Store Wigs Easily.

1.Use Silk & Satin Bag

You can store wigs in silk and satin bags. It's a good way to hold a wig ideally and keep moisture while storing. It is also helpful for those who travel more with their wig, It's an easy and cheapest method that takes a small space for storing. But if you have a long hair wig, it may cause tangling in a silk bag.

2.Use A Hard Shoebox

A shoebox is an awesome idea to keep a wig clean and dry without tangling. You can lay your wig flat in a shoes box but make sure it is completely dry and clean.

3.Store Wig On a Wig Stand

Storing a wig on a wig stand can make your life easier and straightforward. You just remove it from your head and hang it on a wig stand, and with this method, you will find your wig fresh, airy, and no tangling during storage. But if you have lots of wigs varieties in styles, then it depends on the storage space.

4.A Transparent Plastic Lock Bag

A clean, transparent locking bag is usually available and essential in every kitchen in your home, so it's easy for you to take the bag for your wig to make it completely dry and clean. You can place your wig in the bag in a flat way and then place it in a cool and dry place.

Most importantly, no matter which way you choose to store your wig, you need to pay attention to these points:

1.Before storing wigs, they should be clean, washed, and dry.

2.Avoid store in direct sunlight, preferably in a cool place.

3.Keep wigs away from curious children or pets.