What is a Lace Front Wig?

The cap of lace front wigs are made of an elastic net and Swiss lace, compared with the general lace, Swiss lace is more breathable and thinner, which is less impressionable to ripping or tearing. Human hair of the wig is sew on the sheer lace base which goes over the scalp by hand.

The lace is in the front half of the wig, the lace area of the wig is big enough for people to do free parting on head top, also you could pre-plucked the hairline by yourself, look as natural as possible.

There are three combs at back and both sides to help to hold the wig to your hair, besides, the wig cap has adjustable straps behind the cap, there are 1/ 2/ 3 positions, you could use it to make the cap fit your head well and make your head comfortable.

Like other hair extensions, the texture of lace front wigs varies from straight, loose wave, natural wave, to deep curly, etc. Of course, you have a very wide selection of colors: blonde, high light, 99J, natural black.

Lace Front Body Wave Wig

If you prefer to wear the hair with a natural wave, the body wave will be your first choice, the curls of the body wave wigs are more wavy, it is one of the classic styles of lace front wigs, fits most people's face shapes, you will be very sexy and glamorous with the rise and fall waves.

Lace Front Deep Wave Wig

The waves of lace front deep wave wig is much tighter than lace front body wave wig, its texture has glossy waves and it looks really elegant and gorgeous, it makes this hairstyle stand out from numerous amusement hairstyle. Deep curls are the original eternal style, you can imagine that you have an elegant and charming style.

Where to Get the Great Lace Front Wigs?

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