What is the Bowl Method for Curly Hair?

Recently, one hair care method has become very popular on TikTok, and more and more people are starting to try. It is the bowl method for hair. If you are someone who is constantly concerned about hair care and health, then I think you have seen quite a few people using this method on TikTok.

What is Bowl Method?

When using the bowl curly method, girls wash their hair with shampoo and conditioner, apply a leave-in conditioner and curl cream, brush through, then they dunk the front part of their hair into a bowl of water, lift their head, and squeeze the product back into a bowl. They repeat this process over and over on both sides. In addition to conditioner, you can also add gel to damp hair. You will then continue to dip your curls in the bowl mixture of water, conditioner, and gel until they form into big juicy hydrated clumps. The result is bouncy, soft, defined curls!

Why Does the Bowl Method Work Well?

  1. Tighten Curls

After the continuous bowl curly method, you will find your curls are tighter. This is due to the constant reapplying of water, conditioner, and gel to your hair strands. Because your curly hair is soaked in the goodness of the water mixture, they become hydrated and the squishing ensures that the curls not only form but stay tight and bouncy.

  1. Less Waste of Water

One of the best things is that the bowl method saves much water. If you choose to wash your hair under the shower head, it will waste more water. This is especially true if you wash your hair more than 2 times a week or take very long showers.

  1. Moisture Your Hair

If you’re suffering from frizzy, damaged hair, the bowl method can help restore your curls back to your former self. This is because the combination of water and conditioner and squishing really helps moisture to penetrate your hair, your hair will become smoother and the knots will start to reduce. This way, your curls will look cleaner and better looking.

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