What Is The HD Lace Wig?

A lace wig or front lace wig is a special wig made on the transparent lace base, The front lace wig is weaved by hand with human hair on a transparent lace base. A full lace wig is made entirely of lace at the bottom, while a front lace wig has transparent lace only where the hairline is visible. The rest is made of a non-brittle material, which is less resistant to tearing than lace. Lace wigs are the most expensive. It should be glued to the person's scalp for a moderate amount of time. For example, the wearer can take a bath, swim, and participate in strenuous sports while wearing a wig.

1. Classification

Lace wigs are either full lace wigs or front lace wigs.

2. Production Process

Lace wigs are made by professional technicians with hand hooks, it usually takes 7 to 15 days to make.

3. Wig Material

Full lace wigs are usually made of Indian human hair or Chinese hair, the net cap is usually 64#, which is pure Imported Swiss net cap, this kind of net material is characterized by more meticulous network port, and more durable, the disadvantage is higher hardness. There are four colors: transparent, light brown, medium brown and dark brown to suit different skins.