Which Length Of Hair Extensions Do You Like?

Hair length is one of the options you have to make when ordering a hair extension. Normally a hair extension can be divided into three different levels of hair length: middle, long, short. How to measure the correct hair length? How to choose the right hair length for yourself?

1. How To Measure The Length Of Hair Extensions?

Before choosing the hair length of extensions, you should know how to measure the length properly first. Below is the correct measurement method:

1) The length of hair extensions should be measured from head spin to the longest length hair at the bottom.

2) The length of wavy extensions needs to be stretched to straight, then measure.

2. Three Different Levels Of Hair Length

Different hair lengths have different feelings, everyone has different preference, women always choose different hair lengths to match their changeable daily looks. Women prefer fashion, beauty, warmth, and comfy, all are necessary.

Middle- 20 inch

Mid-length is a good choice if people don’t know what kind of hair length is suitable for them. Mid-length is not as long as long-length, also is not as short as short-length. The mid-length can match most people and most hair styles. If you are looking for a hair extension which priced in the middle or easy to match, choosing a mid-length hair extension will never let you down.

Long - 30 inch

Considering about the season, a long hair extension is more suitable for winter, because what most girls are after is to both keep warm and fashionable in winter. Having the long hair will make you look more temperament. But maintenance of long hair extensions is not easy, because they knot more easily than short hair extensions, and the price of long hair extensions are more expensive.

Short - 10 inch

The short-length extensions have different feelings with long hair extensions, short-length hair extensions always show people clean and chic looks, it is more suitable for summer, sometimes it is also cute and active. Besides, short hair extensions are easier to maintain, and the price of a short length hair extension is also more affordable than other long hair extensions.

Different lengths of hair extensions have different beauty, just choose the one you like!