Why Do Most Women Prefer Long Human Hair Wigs?

People choose their own wigs according to their preferences, like hair length, hair color, hair texture, etc, everyone has his own needs. And for the hair length, it comes with 16-30 inches generally, while most women prefer human hair long wigs with hair longer than 20 inches which also the most hot selling human hair wigs in Lovemuse. Why do most women like human hair long wigs?

1. Beautiful and Natural

In terms of appearance, human hair long wigs have a feeling completely different from human hair short wigs. Short hair often makes people look chic and refreshing. While, a human hair long wig is more beautiful and natural. You can never go wrong with a classic human hair long hairstyle, it is suitable for any occasion.

LOVEMUSE hair long hair lace wigs

2. Different Hairstyles

You can also make some different fashion hairstyles with long hair, such as ponytail, bun, up do, long braids, these are what short hair can't make.

3. Looks Tall and Thin

A long human hair wig is very important for making women look tall and thin. Longer hair can lengthen the height in visual, and cover the body at the same time for looking tall and thin. People with tall figures and human hair long hair always stand out from the crowd.

4. Flatter Face Shape

Long hairstyle is probably the easiest one to match. You can try it whatever the face shape you are. Human hair long hair can also flatter your face shape. It is easier to choose and suitable for beginner. If you don’t know what kind of wig to buy, a classic human hair long wig is your best choice.

5. Fashionable

Long hair is always the popular and fashionable human hair wigs. Celebrities always have long hair when attending various activities which make them charming and elegant. So most people also prefer long hair for fashion as the celebrities they like.