Why You Should Get a V Part Wig?

Lovmuse hair glueless v part wigs

A V Part wig is a new type of U Part wig. It is improved on the basis of the U Part wig. It has a "V" shaped opening at the top of your head, the weaves of V part wigs are sewn onto a wig cap with an opening, the opening of the wig is left for the natural hair to go through. You can blend your own hair through the V-shaped opening at the top of the wig, then create a natural hairline.

The Details Of Lovmuse V Part Wigs

Hair Material: 

100% virgin Human Hair.

Can be dyed, permed, bleached, styled as your own hair.

Bouncy, soft and comfortable.


No lace, No glue, Secure with clips

Easily removable and wearable.

Cap Size: 

Fits most head sizes.

Can be adjusted with straps and combs, 5 clips on the cap.

Made Method: 

Machine Made & Hand Tied

Hair length:

14-26 inches

Some Tips For You to Wear the V Part Wigs:

  1. Before you decide to make a V part human hair wig, you had better decide how much hair you prepare to leave out in advance and then mark the V-shaped part on the V part wig cap according to your need, which can help you avoid the V-shaped part too small or too large to some extent.
  2. When you start to sew in the first and last weaves on the V part wig cap, please make sure the weaves are laying as flat and close together as possible, which can make the V part wig style and blend with your natural hair much easier.
  3. When cutting the excess fabrics, you must take care not to cut close to the V-shaped part.

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