About US

The origin of the name

Lovemuse Full name is the love of muse,Muse is the goddess of poetic inspiration in Greece, representing love, optimism, versatility, magic, unique, sincerity and elegance. The creativity, wisdom and insight of all artists and thinkers depend on her kindness. If you have LOVMUSE, you will be sheltered by the goddess, your life will become more beautiful、independent and confident!

Core value

In LOVMUSE, the raw material of the product comes from the hair donated by impoverished women in Brazil, Myanmar, and India. Part of the proceeds go towards helping these women and the environment, as well. We are committed to improving the living conditions of women in poverty-stricken areas and improving the environment of the earth.

Customer service

LOVMUSE has the most professional and enthusiastic elite team to serve you around the clock. From the moment you click on the LOVMUSE website, all the way up until you have LOVMUSE products in your hand, you will be provided with the most attentive service at every step.

What does LOVMUSE stand for?

Love is everything.LOVE yourself,be the MUSE.

You will become more confident and optimistic with the Lovmuse wig.

We have a variety of wigs to take you to find a more beautiful version of yourself.

Wigs are magic to make your life more wonderful.

You will find your unique self with the Lovmuse wig.

We promise that we will always be sincere to you.

Always choose Lovemuse wigs,always represents elegance.