How to measure lace front wig size ?

First: Circumference

The circumference is a way around your hairline, please wrap your hairline upon your ear, and tight your measurement which feels comfortable. There you will get the size, and check it. Generally, 21 inches to 23 inches is a national standard, there is a strap on the wig you can adjust the size from 21 inches to 23 inches. If you have a special size, smaller or larger, you need to tell the wig makers before you place an order.

Second: Front to nape

Use the measurement from the middle of your forehead, come across the top of your head, then to the bottom. If you can’t operate it well, you can find somebody who does it for you and gets the right size.

Third: Ear to ear across forehead

From ear to ear, across your forehead. For lace front wigs, the size should be 13inch normally, different hair manufacturer uses different sizes, some use 13*4 inch lace frontal, some use 13*6 inch lace closure, if you want your pre plucked wigs hairline long, you can choose 13*6 inch lace closure.

Forth: Ear to ear top head

From ear to ear, across your top head. Please keep straight with your ear and the top head. This step decides how deep the wig cap.

Fifth: temple to temple around back

From temple to temple, across the back of your head. Keep a Horizontal line with your ear.

Last: nape of the neck

At the bottom of your neck hairline, measuring the size.

We know how to measure the size of the wig, which will greatly prevent us from receiving the wig that is not suitable for our size. We can choose the right size according to our size. We will avoid wasting time on some minor issues. We will have a very good mood.